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10 Things You Should Remember Before Buying A laptop

There are too many different types of laptops is available in the market sometime Buying a laptop is Really a headache. Some of them have Same specs and nearly Same Price so most of the people get confused while buying a laptop.

Before Buying a laptop you really need is a complete Laptop Buying guide, which tells you things to consider before buying a laptop.

Here we discuss 10 Things You Should Remember Before Buying A laptop, it will help you to purchase a suitable laptop as per your requirements.

Things to consider befor buying a laptop
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1. Consider Budget Before Buying a Laptop

Budget is the most important factor before buying any laptops set your budget as per your power and requirement.

let’s suppose Max is a student and want to buy a laptop for his studies then he should only invest $500(Rs.35,000/-) to $600(Rs.45,000/-) to buy a laptop.
let’s suppose on the other side there is one more student who needs a laptop for the purpose of studies as well as gaming than he should only invest $1000(Rs.72,000/-) to $1200(Rs.86,660/-) to buy a laptop.

Buying a laptop,
Laptop buying guide
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2. Size

When it comes to buying a laptop size matters, Depending upon your purpose, Choose the size which best fits for you. Size Isn’t the thing you can upgrade it later, So you have to choose it as per your accordance.

Laptop Size Starts from 11.6-inch and goes up to 17.3-inch However, some venders make mostly 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch & 17.3-inch.

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3. Screen Quality: Tips For Buying a Laptop

Screen Quality plays a vital role in buying a laptop, First, you’ll have to choose whether you need a touchscreen laptop or not. Touch screen laptops make the task easier. But they are too glossy, which leads towards reflection and glossiness and reflection plays a negative role in Gaming.
Be sure to choose a perfect resolution, A 1920 x 1080 – Pixel(Full HD) consider to be on-line for most of the laptops.
Nowadays, there are many laptops comes with 4K Resolution However, Higher resolution pannels are generally costly.

Laptop Buying guide
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Photographer, Videographer and editors want a laptop with more vivid colours, accuracy and HDR Standards. Meanwhile, if you are gamer you need to check higher refresh rate, Viewing angle and so select laptop Screen as per your relevance.

4. Processor ~ CPU

CPU is the main part of your laptop. it defines the speed of your multitasking and multimedia tasking.
If you do Surfing, Editing, Play Games then you should need to choose an appropriate processor as per your requirement. Mostly venders make laptops with Intel Processor(Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9)

Core i3 Generally Comes in entry-level laptops while core i5 is Most Online Processor. But if you want Best Performance From your System then you Should go with Core i7, Core i9.

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5. Storage

The hard drive usually these days replaced by SSD because Hard drive is slow, Havier, Bulky and produce heat and noise. while on the other hand, SSD offers higher speed and it is lightweight and produces less noise and heat.

The only problem with the SSD is that it is too costly, so most laptops come with the 128GB, 256GB, 512GB storage of SSD while 1TB and 2TB SSD Cost a lot.
To overcome this nowadays most venders do paring of smaller SSD with larger Hard drive, this allows them to install OS On the SSD and that’ll increase the speed of your system.

6. RAM-: Laptop Buying Guide

RAM(Random Acess Memory) helps your system to perform multitasking very easily. In old days 4GB Ram is Sufficient for your system but these days you should consider a minimum of 8GB ram and it goes up to 32GB.

There is also one more thing, ram-type plays an important role in speed. You should always look for the latest laptop with LPDDR4 RAM.

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7.GPU:- Graphic processor

If you are True Gamer or Do heavy editing then GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) plays an important role to run your task smoothly.

These days most of the laptop comes with Integrated Intel GPU and can perform any intensive task with ease. But if you want ultimate performance then you should check out the GPU By NVIDIA OR AMD.

8. O.S: Operating System

There are too many OS Out in the market i.e… macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux etc. it totally depends upon you, if you want macOS then there is only one option of Apple macOS, but on the other hand for the window, there are a lot of vendors.

buying a laptop
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If you already have a license of windows then its good to avoid the pre-install OS on the laptop.

9. Battery

Laptops are the portable devices you can take it, where you want. So it should have a nice battery backup.

A good way to find the battery rating in the laptop is to look at the watt-hours or milliamp-hour(mAH) value, higher these value, higher will be the battery backup.
For a 13.3-inch laptop, a battery with a rating of 44W to 50Wh will be enough.

10. Conclusion

There are a few things left after the above points like brands, fingerprint sensor etc. these above points are sufficient for you to choose the perfect one. if you have any other queries then let us know in the comment section below, we are happy to solve it…

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