Technology5 Tips for BSNL Broadband Speed Increase in 2020?

5 Tips for BSNL Broadband Speed Increase in 2020?

BSNL is one of the Popular Broadband services in India and a lot of people complain about the Slow speed of their Broadband. Stick with this blog here we have discussed some Tips for BSNL Broadband speed Increase.

BSNL Offer good internet package at an affordable price but the problem is that sometimes you didn’t get half of the speed of what they are offering.

When you’ll talk to BSNL Customer care about this then they told you that, after your month FUP Limit reached then the speed goes down to 512Kbps but this is not the case with most of users, they’ll see decline in speed when the FUP Limit isn’t Reached.

Or they’ll say to Upgrade the plan but this is also not the Solution, so Hereafter a lot of research and test we have come up with These Tips and tricks for BSNL Broadband Speed Increase.

5 Tips to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

  1. Reduce Reserved Bandwidth
  2. Use Custom DNS Servers
  3. Clear Browser Data
  4. Use TCP OPtimiser Software
  5. Remove Viruses

Reduce Reserved Bandwidth

Sometimes, If you have limited network connectivity or Network Restriction then your PC Bandwith Might be the cause of your slow BSNL Broadband service.

you can limit your bandwidth usage as per your Optimisation, doing this windows will not use Regular bandwidth for your system but remember that reducing bandwidth also going to slow down your windows UPdates.

Steps to reduce bandwidth on Windows 10

Open setting – Update and security – Advanced option – Delivery Optimization – Advanced Option and from there you can limit your bandwidth this will mostly increase the speed of your BSNL Broadband service.

For further details about reducing bandwidth in windows you can view Microsoft blog

Increase BSNL Broadband speed

Use Custom DNS Servers

BSNL default DNS Servers aren’t that good and this can also slow down your internet speed. so Mapping your DNS servers to Good public DNS servers can make a lot of difference. Usually, this error is mainly seeing on BSNL services.

You could use google public DNS Servers, or others Public DNS like from Cloudflare. but remember to chose trusted servers non trusted servers might lose your data and they are not good for privacy reasons. after this, you’ll definitely notice the speed boost in your BSNL broadband.

Google Public DNS IPv4 address
Alternate DNS -
Preferred DNS -
Google Public DNS IPv6 address
~ 2001:4860:4860::8888
~ 2001:4860:4860::8844

Steps to Change DNS Server in Windows 10

  1. Open control panel
  2. Click Network and Internet -> Network sharing centre -> change adaptor setting
  3. Then select the Connection type for which you want to change the servers and then Right-click on Properties.
  4. After this click on Networking Tab and Under this tab You’ll see the Option of Internet Protocol Version 4 or Internet Protocol Version 6, then select this tab and click on properties.
  5. Then click on Advanced Option and then select DNS Tab, Here you can change your DNS servers.
  6. If you see Another DNS Severs then Take a screenshot of them for future reference and put the new servers that we have mentioned above.

If you want to change DNS servers On Linux, macOS, Android etc. then check out the Blog of google to do so.

Increase BSNL Internet Speed

Clear Browser data : Tips for BSNL Broadband speed Increase

Sometimes, Your slow Internet speed is due to your cache memory or Cookies. If you see a slow speed and your browser get crashed again and again, then you should defiantly try cleaning the cache and cookies pf your browser.

If you want to check out which browser is best for you in terms of speed and privacy then check out 10 Best Browsers in 2021.

Sometimes, In Mobile phone you’ll see the slow Internet speed on a particular app. and if this issue occurs to you then clear your app cache for the particular app. To do so Just open the setting go to the Apps section and click on the app you want to clear cache and then hit the clear cache button.

A Cache isn’t the only Options in Mobile Phone for slow Internet speed there are other options too. To know and troubleshoot these issues check out the Tips to Increase Internet speed in Mobile phones.

To clear cache or cookies in Firefox, Chrome or edge. go the setting and simply search “cache” then you see the tab of cache and clear it. For some users, it’ll help too to Increase BSNL Broadband speed.

Optimize TCP/IP Protocol

Optimizing TCP/IP can also improve your BSNL Broadband speed. There is no default application for windows to do so. so you’ll need to download external software to Optimize it.

You can download anyone you like but here we have given the download link of speedguide website to the TCP Optimizer.

After downloading the Software then simply open it and run the slider, set the slider as per your desired speed and then you might see some speed improvement in your connection if the trouble is regarding TCP Optimisation.

OPtime TCP to increase Net speed

Remove Viruses

Sometimes, virus and Adware can also slow down your Internet speed, To Tackle this doesn’t download apps or other media from non trusted Sites. always turned on the Windows defender and on Mobile phone download Apps only from play store or from a trusted site.

Some apps also come with the adware, remove them Immediately. these viruses can slow down your internet speed. So removing Viruses also beneficial for BSNL Broadband speed Increase.


Another option is to use good ASDL Modem so you’ll get high bandwidth than others, If you live in an area where you have lots of other wifi then that’ll surely help in increasing speed.

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