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13 Best Android Emulators for PC in 2020 Especially for Windows and Mac

There are too many Android Emulators are Available for PC but some of them are good and others are not, Sometimes it is very handy to Pick the Best Android Emulators for PC.

There are a lot of points why you guys needed the best Emulator for your pc. If you are an App developer then you can debug your apps right on the PCs and Laptops.

And if you are a gamer then, You can take advantage of bigger screens and Proper set up to play the Games Or you can Run exclusive Mobile Apps Directly on your Pc or Laptop.

But the problem with these Android Emulators is that there are too many options are available in the market and some Brands do a false Advertising so here after a lot of research we make the list of Some Best Android Emulators for PC Especially for Windows and Mac.

List of Best Android Emulators For PC

  1. BlueStacks
  2. NOX
  3. GameLoop
  4. MEmu
  5. LD Player
  6. Android Studio
  7. Genymotion
  8. KO Player
  9. Prime OS
  10. ARChon
  11. Bliss OS
  12. Remix OS Player
  13. AndY

BlueStacks:- Android Emulators for Windows

Bluestack Android Emulators
Image Credit :- Bluestack

BlueStacks Counts as One of the Best Android Emulators for PC, It gives good quality and Reliability. BlueStacks is Designed to Use it Very Easily, It almost Looks and feels like a tablet or a smartphone.

BlueStacks have two versions of it, that is paid or free, There aren’t many differences between both these versions but the free one consist of some Adware while paid version Not.

BlueStacks is specially designed for gamers but there is also a support of app store which means you can download Other Apps In it Too.

Over the Year BlueStacks Improved a Lot and Company has promised to Update It Frequently, and one the great point about this Android Emulator is that you can run it on any hardware, Basically Intel or AMD it can run on Both Platform which makes it one of the best android emulators for pc.

Bluestack Best android emulators for PC

To Give Great Experience BlueStacks is Parented with the Samsung to bring Samsung’s App Store to its emulator, That’s Really Great, Right? By this, you can play games Like Fortnite, RAID and a lot more games to your PC.

One of the Great Advantage of Using BlueStacks is its performance, the company claims that it is 6X More powerful than a normal Smartphone and it also has an AI-based Gaming engine which boosts your Performance there is no doubt that it counted in One of the best Android Emulators for PC.

Another Good Feature of BlueStacks is its Keyboard Mapping features, It allows you to create your own Keyboard Maps and this is a really good feature you can customize your controls for any individual games.

Overall this is a Good Android Emulator for PC, It Much faster than the Mostly Smartphones available in the market. The addition of a Simple User Interface, Customizable Controls and Ability to Run Multiple Apps and Games makes bluesatck #1 Spot in this list of Best Android Emulator for PC.

NOX :- Best Android Emulators for PC(Windows and Mac)

Nox emulator,
Image Credit :- NOX

Hey, If you are looking for emulator to do gaming and much more productivity things than this might be the Good option for you.

Nox Player doesn’t provide just gaming but it also comes with al Lots of features, which you can’t find on a single Program.

One of the Great Features of NOx is Its Performance, Man this Emulator is Really Fast and Smooth and you can also customise no. of CPU’s and Memory this emulator will use on your system. this is Really great Features you can customise it as much as performance you’ll be needed. that’s one of the reasons Nox always counted among the best android emulators for PC.

Another Great Option is you can use 3 party controller, Even you can use Xbox 360 controller in this one. If you are a gamer i don’t need to talk much about the importance of controller for a game.

NOX Android Emulator Review

Nox is really easy to use an emulator that’s why some people consider it as a Best Android emulators for pc. Nox comes with Stock Android Experience which means it has a pre-installed Google Play store in it. You just have to download it and sign in and then you are good to go.

Well Right Now Nox player Runs on an android 7, Which is a very old Android version but there is no big disadvantage of this still you can play all the games and apps in it without any problem.

If you are a developer, you’ll need to install an app manually, well you can do this too in this Emulator with the simple drag and drop and it can install your APK, this is really good for developers, isn’t it? that’s mostly all you’ll need in the best android emulators for pc.

Now, you might be wondering this comes with tons of features how much it costs? Well nox is completely Free and I am using this emulator from a past couple of years and I might say that this is really the best android emulators for pc especially for Overall Productivity.

Gameloop :- Android Emulator for Gaming

Gameloop, Android Emulators for PC
Image Credit :- Gameloop

Our 3rd Option in this list of Best Android Emulators for PC is Gameloop. This Android Emulator is Previously Known as a Tencent Gaming Buddy and you can only play PUBG Mobile in it.

TGB was one of the Best Emulator for the Players of PUBG Mobile, No other emulator can match the performance of This Games Like in TGB, and now Tencent changed a lot in this and rename it as gameloop. These changes make it one of the best Android Emulators for PC and especially for gaming.

Gameloop is only Designed for Gaming you can’t do any Other Productivity task in this Emulator. But gameloop does do better gaming than most of the android emulators and Unlikely its Previous version, Now it also supports other games than PUBG Mobile.

This is an Offician Android Emulator for windows and mac which supports PUBG Mobile and call of duty mobile and not only this you can also play some popular titles like Free Fire, Mobile legend and cyber hunter, Etc.

Gameloop Android Emulator Review

Also, it is Very Easy To Use Gameloop, You just have to search for a Game that you are looking for and Just Download it and that’s all now you can play your games with very ease.

Another Great Feature of gameloop Which Makes it one of the Best Emulators for pc, expect Gaming is its Keymapping which they done is Really good manner.

Overall Gameloop is a good choice for gamers and it is counted among one of the best Android Emulators for pc. But Recent days are very hard for Tencent specifically in India. Indian Government Recently bans 118 Chinese apps Including PUBG Mobile. After that COD Mobile also Broke its Partnership with the Tencent Mobile and now PUBG Might also Break its partnership with the Tencent, Right.

MEmu :- Android Emulators for Windows

Memu player, Android Emulators for Windows
Image Credit :- Memu

Moving Forward in our list of Best Android emulators for pc our next option is MEmu Play. This is Really an Awesome Emulator for windows.

The Main Focus Of Memu Emulator is gaming. Using Memu is superbly easy, you just have to download it and thanks to its stock android experience just sign in with your Google account and it manages everything like an android device.

MEMU Emulator REview

It comes with pre-installed Google services so you can use the play store to download apps and games and if you want to install an APK, you can do this too in this Emulator due to this it is counted among the Best Android Emulators for PC.

Memu Play supports all the popular Titles Like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Free Fire, etc. It also has a Keymapping but one of its prominent features is that it Support Both Intel and AMD hardware and that makes it one of the best free emulator for your windows.

Memu has some great optimization for gameplay and day by day their developer is improving it a lot and it is not just great for gaming you can also run your normal task in it very smoothly. I really that it is one of the best android emulators for pc.

LD Player :- Great Android emulators for pc

LD Player, Best Android emulator for Windows and MAc
Image Credit :- LD Player

Moving on in the list of Best android emulators for pc, our next Option is LD Player, this emulator is going popular day by day and their developer is also improving it to give you better performance.

Most People uses Android emulator on their PC for gaming so their developers take this in mind and designed this emulator, especially for gaming. But if you are a developer or if you want to use Mobile Specified apps on your pc you can do this in this one too.

LD Player is one of the best android emulators for pc and it’s completely free. it supports a wide range of games/apps and using LD Player is super easy. it has a stock Android experience and supports all the google applications but if you want to install an APK outside from Play store, you can install it too by simple drag and drop.

LD Player is popular because of the High performance, It is really impressive how their developers optimized LD Player for gaming, there is no doubt this emulator gives you better performance than the most of the android phones out in the market. LD player supports some popular titles like PUBGM, CODM and free fire etc,

LD player, Android emulators for pc

To get the best performance you have to select the recommend setting and that’s all now it optimized gameplay as per your pc configuration.

LD Player offers some other features too that are benefitable for Gamers and Developers, Like Key-Mapping, Multi-Instance, APK Support etc. Like for gamers mapping keys is very helpful and for developer APK supports are extremely helpful, that’s why this one counted among in the Best android emulators for pc.

LD Player is nice free emulators for windows, However, Nothing is perfect, LD Player support Most of the apps/games but still, it doesn’t support all the apps. LD player is still developing so it gets better and better in future and that’s all for the 5th option of Best Android emulators for PC.

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Android Studio: Android emulators for Developers

Android Studio, Best Emulator for devloper
Image Credit :- Android Studio

Next option in this list of best Android Emulators for PC is for the android app developers, Android Studio is the best Option out there for a developer.

Android Studio is powered by a google and is basically comes with a lot of tools and plugins to help people for devloping their apps for android. It just Not only support Java Devlopemnent and flutter devlopment but it also supports kotlin devlopement.

if you are a normal user and looking for an Android emulator for Basic Tasks than I strongly don’t recommend to use this one cause it’s a little bit hard to set up and it basically designed for developers.

Android Studio, Best Emulators for devlopers

Android Studio is the only official software to develop an app so it kinda loops that it is the best Android emulators for pc and especially for Development apps.

Also, Android studio has a very good community supports and this is something a developer and a learner needs. Its Realme time Log Feature is really cool to test Android apps.

Developers can easily drag and drop the APK to install it and do a lot of Multi-touch action, Android studio is packed with tons of features for developers and that’s why it is counted in Best Android emulators for PC Especially for Developers but it has some cons too.

It is a little bit hard to use this Emulator for those who are new to this logs and it has been noticed that it takes too much time to open in windows, not on MacBook’s.


Genymotion, Emulator for Devloper
Image Credit :- Genymotion

Our 7th Best option in this list of Android emulators for PC is Genymotion, this is a really good android emulator, Its like you’re using bluestack free version.

One of the best features of genymotion is that how fast this emulator is, It Uses open GL Capable graphics while Other emulators use HAXM enabled Android SDK, so it is really fast than its most of the competitors.

If you are a developer, then you can launch this emulator directly from your Android studio or Eclipse IDEs with installing one simple plugin this is great, isn’t it?

Another Great Feature of genymotion is that supports a wide range of cross Platforms means, It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Windows system or Linux/Mac, you can sun this emulator in all these systems.

GenyMotion Emulator Review

you can also install an apk with Multiple ways like Drag and drop, by adb install .apk or by using a weblink within the emulator.

It is really easy to use a Genymotion, you just needed to download it and sign-up in this emulator and that’s all now you are good to go also you can do a lot of customization in this emulator

Another great feature of this emulator is that this can allow you to Control your emulated device with the Real device this is really awesome but you need to pay some extras bucks to do this.

we talked a lot about its pros but now take a look at some of cons of this emulator. One of the biggest con of this emulator is that you can’t run it on full HD Mode in Full display.

Another Biggest con is that the sound output isn’t optimized in this one, I mean sound comes out with emulator is distorted. To resolve this error you have to make changes in Oracal virtual box setting genymotion setting didn’t have ant option regard sound optimisation. and due to all these pros and cons, this one gets the #7 spot in our list of Best Android Emulators for PC.

KO Player

KO Player Emulator
Image Credit :- KO player

Moving forward in our list of best Android emulators for PC our next Option is KO Player. Like most of the emulators, this one too is focused on Providing better gaming experience with lightweight software.

It is super easy to use Ko player and it almost looks like a stock android device. There is a support of Google Play services so you can download the Apps and Games directly from the play store and took advantages of other google services.

But if you are an developer then don’t be sad this one too allow you to install the apk externally. Ko Player is a another good emulator for PC and it is completely free.

However it free but many users see ads in this emulator. Sometimes users complaint a lot about the ads in this emulator and some user don’t see the Ads.

Ko Player Android emulator review

One of the good features of this emulator for gamers is its key-mapping features, KO player allows you to create Key mapps to each and every Particular games. KO player is always counted among the Best Android emulators for PC but it too has some cons…..

one of the biggest con of this emulator is that it lags a little bit on a Low-end PC’s. If you want to use KO player smoothly I strongly recommend to use it on a High-end PC’s.

Also Sometimes this one gets crashed in the middle of games or any other activity. But overall this is a really nice one to try out but it doesn’t have a lot options for developers.

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Prime OS

Prime os, Best Android OS for PC
Image Credit :- Prime OS

Next Option in this List of Best Android emulators for pc is not exactly an emulator like others, Its More of a full fetch Operating system for your PC.

Prime OS is the new contender in the market. It is more look like a Chrome OS without any Limitation. Prime OS offer you to use Android as a fully functional Operating system and its experience is as close as windows.

Installing the prime OS is same as you install the window or for any other help go to their Website where they have provided a PDF of full Installing Guidelines.

I have used prime OS as a proper replacement of windows and its quite really interesting Operating system. It gives you the same functionality of using an android device like Play store, Setting, Lock screen etc. It almost Looks and feels like and combination of Android and windows.

Prime OS REview

Prime OS is only a Year old emulator so it still has some bugs in it. One of the Major bug with this one is Some apps aren’t compactable with the Keyboard and Mouse. But it is still developing and it gets better and better in the future.

Apart from this prime OS is relay good for gaming? If you play PUBG Mobile, Call of duty, Free fire, etc. then this one gives you one of the best gaming performance. It’s really amazing how they optimised their OS for android gaming and it has a Key-mapping functionality too.

Prime OS is something developer should definitely look into for Testing their apps. Overall this is a really interesting option for those who want a complete android experience on your pc or if you have a very old laptop or PC then this Might also be a good option for your system.


archon, Android Emulators
Image Credit :- Github

Next Option in this list of Best Android Emulators for pc is a little bit different. Archon isn’t like a usual emulator, you can download it as an extension from chrome store and then you can run your apps and games within the chrome.

Archon is a totally different emulator for those who want to try something new, Archon is not designed for Hardcore gaming it’s basically designed to use the mobile apps on the PC easily.

Archon  Emulator review

First of all its not an easy task to set it up and installing apps in this one is hard too. You have to download the APK and load into the emulator and makes some changes to make it compatible with the Archon. There are a lot of things you need to set up when using Archon emulator compare to other options.

On the Plus hand, It supports wide range of Operating systems, Because of chrome you can use this emulator on a Windows/Mac/Linux etc.

Overall I would say If you want to try something new then this might be a good choice for you but if you just want to use an emulator for gaming and easy access of android apps then you can look at the Other Options we have discussed in this list of Best Android Emulators for pc.

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Bliss OS :- List of Android Emulators for PC

BLiss OS android OS For PC
Image Credit :- Github

Our 10th option is Bliss OS. Its not like an other Android emulators we have discussed in this list. Bliss OS as Its name says, It’s a complete Operating System Based on Android.

To Install Bliss OS on your system you need to create a bootable USB drive and then Install Bliss OS in it or you could you a virtual box too. Installing Bliss OS is a little bit complicated and Before Installing just remember to take a backup.

Bliss OS great if you want a complete Android experience on your PC and not to mention it is completely free and has no ads in its UI.

Bliss OS Review

After Installing bliss OS you’ll feel the same experience as using a tablet. Its Totally looks like an android tablet and you can use other Google services for better Experience. Apart from its Installation, it is one of the best Android emulators for PC.

one of the down points of this emulator is that it has Google Play Store for downloading games and apps but most of the apps are incompatible with the bliss OS. also lots of Linux user reported Boot Issue with the Bliss OS.

Overall this is a really good option if you want to try a complete Android Operating system on your PC then this Might Be a good option for you, However, It is hard to install and Most of the apps aren’t compatible with Bliss OS but their developer is trying to make it better day by day and that’s all about for #10 spot in the list of Best Android emulators for PC.

Remix OS Player

Remix Player, List Of best Android amulators for pc
Image Credit :- Sourceforge

Moving on in our list of best android emulators for PC, Our Next Option is Remix OS player, Like Remix OS this one also allow create your virtual android device but Remix OS is a Fully function OS and if you didn’t want any trouble of installing a Different OS on your system then this Might be a good option for you.

It is very simple to Use Remix OS player, It’s based on an android Marshmallow and it looks and feels like an Android tablet. Remix OS comes with a bunch of features which makes it one of the best android emulators for PC.

Remix OS, Best android emulators for PC

Remix OS is somehow better stable Emulator than the other ones present in the market. However it is no longer in the development but still, it is counted among most stable android emulators for pc and it supports all the latest applications and games in it.

Apart From all these it has some really cool features like Key-mapping, support of google play services for downloading apps and games, Manual signal strength setting and much more.

I have tried this emulator on the both Intel and AMD powered laptops and it runs well, Lastly, my verdicts are if Stability is the most important factor for you then this one might be a very good option.

AndY :- Android emulator for Mac and Windows

Andy Player
Image Credit :- Andyroid

Last Option in this List of Best Android Emulators for PC in 2020 is AndY Emulator based on VMware player, Andy is an Interesting Emulator with Couple of advantages and disadvantages.

The Main Targeting focus of this emulator is Gaming but you can run other tasks too. Andy is simple to use, you’ll get the stock android experience and support of the google play services. Thank means Just Sign in and download Apps & Games without any trouble.

Andy is Basically designed for gaming and this one supports not only Xbox and Play station controller, But also you can use your Smartphone as a controller to get a great experience and that why this one is counted among the Best Android emulators for Pc.

You can also root your Android Emulator to play some Rooted apps in it or for testing purpose, But wait before you give it a final verdict there are some cons too.

First of all, this is a pretty heavy software, so when you install it remember to Unselect some pointless files to install on your pc. Andy’s parent company have some partnership with the Adware distributors. Ads Might be a little disappointing for some people.

Even It’s main focused is gaming Andy didn’t provide that smooth performance that other competitors give in the market and sometimes you’ll see lags and Shutter in the display while playing games in this emulators.

In the end, I have some sort of Mixed feeling towards Andy, It’s free and has a Stock android experience and on the other hand, it’s buggy and you’ll need a high-performance system to run it better. So if you’re planning to use it occasionally then you might think of this otherwise we have discussed 12 more Best Android emulators for pc, you can look at them too.

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Which is the best android Emulator for Developing apps?

Android Studio.

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