SmartphoneHow to Increase Mobile Internet speed in 2020??

How to Increase Mobile Internet speed in 2020??

who doesn’t want the high internet speed? To get a ride of slow internet speed, here we come with 5 easy tactics to increase Mobile internet speed in 2020.

But before moving forward Remember that, You can’t get 5G Speed while using 4G Internet Service. These tactics definitely improve your internet speed but, Mobile speed depends more on the Coverage area, So if there is an issue in your area then your mobile internet speed will not be much faster.

Here are the points we discuessed below about increasing mobile internet speed:-

5 Easy Ways To Increase Mobile Internet Speed

1. Check Network Setting

IF you have facing continuous trouble in internet speed then, first you need to check that you have selected the right setting and make sure it Hasn’t been restricted to 3G Only.

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To change the Network setting, Go to setting and open Mobile network setting and check the network type. this setting may vary from devices to devices so you have to look around in it.

Remember speed more depends upon coverage are and Facility provided by the network provider. If this thing isn’t good in your area then you will face Downfall on the internet speed.

2. Use Ad Blocker

advertisement do not just just take the processing power but also takes your internet speed a lot. Advertisement can blow your Online experience, Sometimes Advertisement uses more internet than web-page you are viewing.

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So it’s better to use the ad blocker to increase internet speed. There is a lot of ad blocker available on the google play store you can use any of them.

Sometimes when we download something from unknown sites, adware comes into our system, due to which we see Ads from place to place.
To emerge from this, you can reset your smartphone or use any security app.

3. Remove Widgets From background

Most People do not know that widget uses the internet on the background and it’ll lead to a decrease in internet speed.

Widgets like weather, google search bar, G-mail Inbox etc. use a lot of internet so it’s better to remove the widgets from the background. however, time widgets do not take the internet.

Increase Mobile Internet Speed
Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

4. Clear Cache:- Tactics To Increase Mobile Internet Speed

If any of these tactics don’t work then you should have to clear your cache memory. most of the time internet speed on the mobile phone gets slow due to filling up of the cache memory. cache memory can be increased by opening many websites & downloading many apps.

Steps to delete cache memory

  • Open Setting
  • Go to storage and tap on other apps
  • Select the App for which you want to clear the cache memory.
  • Tap on the clear Cache

5. Uninstall unused apps

Unused apps are one of the biggest problems for slowing down your internet connection. These apps run on the background and use a lot of data without your permission just like Facebook.

Note:- These tactis disn’t work if you have bad connection.

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How to increase mobile internet speed?

Here is some point you can try to increase speed.
1. Check Network Setting
2. Use Ad Blocker
3. Remove Widgets From background
4. Clear Cache
5. Uninstall unused apps

Why My Internet Speed Is Slow?

Sometimes, coverage area or service provider is the main reason for slowing of your internet connection.

Can we convert 4G into 5G?

No, You can’t convert 4G Into 5G.

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