TechnologyTop 10 Best Browser For Pc in 2020 || Fast and Secure

Top 10 Best Browser For Pc in 2020 || Fast and Secure

Are you looking for a Best browser for PC (2020)? If yes, then you are on the Right Spot. Today here we have discussed the Top 10 Best Browser for your PC.

Have you not changed your web browser for a long time? Yes, then you must look at some new options. What browser you choose will make a huge difference.

When you choose a browser Speed and privacy are one of the two biggest considerations while selecting the Best browser for Pc.

While choosing a browser some of them are pretty high system demanded and other browsers are very lightweight while some of them give you full security and others allow cookie and ads.

There are a lot of options are available in the market like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, chromium, torch browser etc.

We believe that the New chromium-based edge is the best option available right now. Old Edge isn’t a very great option but this new one is a really great option.

It is a very close run but Mozilla Firefox is our second-best browser for pc and developer of Firefox promised you to provide secure user privacy and stops tracking of third party website.

Google Chrome is also a good option, but it does takes a lot of RAM while Other Browser takes less RAM than google chrome.

These aren’t the only options available in the market, apart from them there are a lot of options available too.

Stay with this article, we have created a list of 10 Best browser for PC.

List Of 10 Best Browser For PC.

Microsoft Edge :- Best Windows Browser

Amazing Performance
Very Fast, Consume less RAM
Anyone can easily switch from chrome
Save Site As apps.

Supported OS

Windows, Android, macOS, Comming Soon in Linux, iOS

If you have ever used an Old Microsoft edge then you’ll find out that it isn’t good browser and the Internet explorer really Lower down the Reputation of Microsoft in browser Industry.

So Company launched the Microsoft Edge and The Older version still lacks Many Options That’s why Microsoft can’t able to take any position in the List of Best Browser For PC.

Now, Microsoft launched its Complete New Version of Edge. This update is not Like any other update with the minor changes and not Updating the core really.

Top 10 Best Browser For PC, Top browser

This New update has completely changed the Core engine of edge and turns it into one of the best Browser for PC.

Now the new version has chromium at its core, it is same as google chrome. By which, there are lots of similarity between them.

The New Microsoft Edge is Basically a chrome with changed Skin and a lot of extra features than google chrome.

This New Edge almost supports all the extension that chrome has and this thanks to its new Chromium chore.

The New Chromium Powered Edge is considerably faster than its previous generation and like google chrome it doesn’t take lots of RAM this is one of the biggest factors we have included this in our list of Best Browser for PC.

This New Edge Comes with Some good features Like Read Loud, Chromecast, Ad Blocker and you can create a private collection of article and notes in it without using an external plugin.

One Really Good Features is, You can convert any site into an app and save it at desktop.

It also has a lot of customisation option and Especially the privacy Option in the edge is really good. In New edge, you can even control the Site permission of a particular page.

Nearly about One Month ago, I also Switched From Chrome to Edge-chromium and The performance, Features, Looks & feel are amazing.

Even if you switch from chrome, It has all the Extension that chrome has and when you use it you’ll find out it is just a chrome which consume less RAM and has Extra Features and better privacy.

Due to all of these Points, New Microsoft edge Becomes our Personal #1 Best browser For PC and especially for Windows.

2. Mozilla Firefox :- Best Alternate Windows Browser

Fast and Smooth performance
Better Privacy Options
Good User Interface

Supported OS

Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, Android

Moving Forward in our List Of best Browser for PC, Our Second best Option is Mozilla Firefox and it is one of the best Browsers For privacy.

If you have never used Mozilla Firefox before Then you should Give it a try. The latest version of Firefox is well worth to give a shot.

If you compare chrome and Firefox Side by side via performance and both Browser give you nearly equal edge cutting performance.

The New Mozilla Firefox comes with some great features and better Privacy which makes it our second-best Browser for PC.

One of the Best features is Its Screenshot Tool, Which you can access by the Right Click.

Mozilla Review, Best Browser For Linux, Top windows browser

By this tool, you can capture a Screen Shot of the Whole Web without Scrolling or you can capture a preferred section of a Web page.

then this Screenshot is updated to Mozilla Server and you can share it or download it within 14 days.

Quantum makes a huge Change in the Mozilla Firefox and makes it one of the best Browser for PC.

The new Firefox has its new look and Animation which enhance its performance and There are certainly a lot of improvements in its new version than the older one.

The new Firefox comes with Better Privacy and security options. Now, all the Security Option comes in one menu and it is much easier to find out.

Blocking of Pop-ups and Phishing protection are activated by default and you can activate Tracking protection in one click.

This new Mozilla Firefox (version 72 or upper) also have a picture in picture video mode in macOS, and Right now we don’t know when it comes to the Windows.

This Browser is completely Customisable interns of appearance and the extension and plugin.

Right Now Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser for PC but 2019 wasn’t the great year for Mozilla and Right Now we Can’t comment about its future.

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3. Google chrome :- Most Popular Browser

Fast and Smooth performance
Wide range of Expandable
Good User Interface

Supported OS

Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, Android

In the List Of best Browser for PC, our Next browser is Google Chrome, It is not possible that you haven’t heard about it. Google chrome is one the Most Used browser Across the globe.

If you are fully into a google ecosystem then Chrome Should be your one of the best choice for Browsing.

Chrome is a cross Platform browser you can Sync your account into a Mac book, IOS devises Android or any other OS. Mostly all the OS Supports Chrome.

To beat chrome Microsoft also changed the core of edge to Chromium and in most of the case, it gives you better quality than the chrome.

Chrome is one of the Most Popular browsers but Now it isn’t one of the best browser for PC. We are not saying its bad, Its an amazing Browser.

But now there is two other Contender which Gives head to head competition to google chrome and in some areas they actually beat the google.

Google chrome is one of the fast browsers, but if you have low-hardware pc then it is an actually a laggy browser.

Top browser, Google chrome review in 2020

Recently they introduced a new feature known as Tab freezing by which, chrome automatically freezes the background tabs do they don’t consume power.

But after that, it isn’t the snappy browser for lower RAM PC. If you have 4GB of RAM and you are working with 10-15 tabs opened in the background then you’ll see it starts getting laggy.

If you had asked me about 1 year ago, I definitely say that the chrome will be the best Browser For PC but Now there are Other contenders which give head to head competition to google.

After all, if you are into the google ecosystem then it is the best choice for you. It has a very wide range of cross-platform support.

It also support a lot of tools for the web developer, It has secure DNS and it blocks almost all the dangerous mixed content.

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4. Opera

Ad Blocker Built-in
VPN Integrated
Good User Interface

There was a time when opera is counted in the list of a popular browser. But Google Chrome takes over it but still, it is one the best Browser for PC.

Like Google Chrome and New Microsoft edge, it is also Build on chromium. which means they have lots of thing in common.

Unlike any other browser, it has a sidebar over the left side of the screen by which, you can access your bookmark, History and there is also a shortcut of apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook messenger etc.

This is too based on chromium and like other chromium browsers it also supports a lot of add-ons and Extensions but we can’t give a guarantee that it supports all the extensions that chrome have.

This opera browser isn’t a very customisable, It has a Dark theme option and you can change the background image too. It has only this limited customisation.

Opera Review, best browser in 2020

It also has an ad-blocker and you can enable it by one click. Opera also comes with its VPN system. you don’t have to download an external plugin to add VPN.

If you are a Gamer then you should check out Opera GX instead of Opera Browser. this designed especially for gamers and has features like Razer Chroma and support Twitch integration.

Due to its chromium base it is also a speedy browser, It also has Crypto wallet for crypto currency and comes with personal news options.

Opera comes with lots of features but they remove Opera Turbo from desktop and it is only available on Android and IOS.

Opera Turbo Compress image and data without any loss to show result Faster on a slow internet device.

Basically, Opera is a classy Browser and it is good for those who have an interest in collecting data, But if you are looking for a browser to do heavy work then I don’t recommend you this one.

It is good for those who want Light Browsing experience and looking for a free VPN and Ad-blocker then this might be a good choice for you and that’s why it is able to make 4th position in our list of the best browser for PC.

5. Vivaldi

Fully customizable Browser
Support Chrome Extension.
Good Interface

Supported OS

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android(beta)

Moving On the list of the best browser for PC Our Next Option is Vivaldi browser. It is the Same Browser like Google Chrome and Opera but, it has lots of unique features that Others Don’t.

Vivaldi is not fast as its Competitors are but the developers are adding a lot of features on every new Update.

It is an incredible Coustamisable browser like you can create your shortcuts and not only this, You can change the Main menu design and Control pannel Placement.

Vivaldi also lets you change the Tab position. I mean you can place the tab where ever you want like in the Bottom, Left, Right or in the Upperside.

Vivaldi review, Best alternate browser

Not only this, but you can also Hide your all the tabs and use shortcuts to reopen them. It also have a Notes panel and you can additionally change the Font size and color of the text.

like many other Browser, this is also based on chromium, which means you can access the extension.

In Vivaldi you can also view your history Graphically, with you can Observe the Site dates that you access Usually in a more advance way.

Vivaldi lets you create your own Browser which suites the way of your browsing the Internet. This is a good browser for those who know what the want. But the Privacy Checks are Just Fine of this browser.

All these Features and customisation gives it 5th Position in our List of best Browser for PC.

6. Brave Browser

Very fast Browser
Better Privacy Options.
Pay To Surf

Supported OS

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, IOS

The sixth entry in our list of the best browser for pc is brave Browser, I’ve used a lot of browsers and one thing I can say that none of the above browsers can match the speed of the brave browser.

This is an incredibly fast browser and brave claims that it is 3-6x times faster than the other ones present in the market.

This browser loads content very fast and it takes a very less memory, which result it consumes less battery.

Brave isn’t all about the speed, Its privacy options are good too. Website which loads with a Banner, Pop-ups, advertising tracking might really slow down website speed.

Top 10 Best Browser For PC, Brave browser review

This browser comes with built-in ad blocker and anti-tracking functionality while in chrome you have to download an extension to do these things.

Brave is also based on a chromium, which means it also supports a wide range of extensions and the good thing is that it doesn’t collect data like Google chrome.

The brave browser just didn’t block outside data from coming in, it also blocks inside data to go out. you can use this browser without any security concern and which makes it one the best browser for pc.

This browser has paid to surf features. Which means Brave promises you if you enable the ads in your browser then it’ll share its ad revenue with users

Ad revenue is based on how much ads you’ll see or click and if you book something then you’ll get more reward too. Brave said they give you 70% of the ad revenue.

7. Chromium

Fast and Smooth performance
Fast and Smooth performance
Wide range of Expandable
Good User Interface

Supported OS

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, BSD

Continuing the list of the best browser for pc our next option is a Chromium Browser. It is an open-source Browser.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera etc. all these browsers have Chromium at their Core. If you are currently Using google chrome then you cannot see much difference Between Both the browsers.

chrome is just a chromium browser with Some sprinkles added by Google But after that, Both Browsers have Lot of similarities and Differences.

In terms of looks and feel both Browsers are approximately the same. You can also Sign-in via google account in chromium and Sync all your Data and Extensions these are one of the reasons it gets #7 Position in a list of the best browser in PC.

But after a lot of similarities, there are differences too between chrome and chromium-browser.

Chromium browser review, Open source browser

Chrome supports Automatic update while On the other hand chromium doesn’t support the automatic update.

Unlike chromium, google chrome disabled all the options to download the extension from third-party stores or if you have to download you have to enable developer mode.

When you download the chrome they install a tracking code itself to your browser to track your activity like which website you Mostly visit and how often you visit. Google says they didn’t take any personal information but this isn’t the case with chromium-browser.

Still, there are some areas where chromium lacks at Some Features like the automatic update, some audio-video codecs Also chromium-browser is a little bit unstable and due to all these points, it gets #7 position in our list of Best Browser for PC.

8. Torch Browser

Fast and Smooth performance
Built-in Torrent Downloader
Good User Interface

Supported OS


As most of the browser in our list of top browser for pc have chromium at their core and this one also have the Same.

Are you a fan of Torrent World? If yes, then it is a good option for you. It has the Built-in Torrent downloader and Due to its chromium chore you’ll get Mostly same features that other Chromium browsers have and because of this, it gets the #8 Position in this list of top browser for PC.

torch browser has some unique features that other don’t like Media grabber tool, This tool helps you to download any audio/video file from a webpage.

Top 10 Best Browser For PC, Top browser

Also, this browser has a Download accelerator. By which when you download stuff it reduces some Other Background usage and makes your download a little bit faster.

this torch browser can play a partly downloaded Torrent or videos and also it have a audio player which takes content from YouTube.

Torch browser also have a Torch facelift, by which you can change theme of your Facebook account.

If you currently using chrome browser then you can easily switch to torch. Because it is Mostly Same as chrome, You can also Sign-in via Google account and sync all your data from other browsers and this browser is fast too. that’s why we included this to our list of the best browser for PC.

9. Maxthon Browser

The ninth entry in the list of the best browser for PC is Maxthon browser. Maxthon exists in the industry since 1992.

At starting it is only available for windows but now it is available for almost all the platform.

Maxthon promoted itself as a cloud browser but nowadays this isn’t an exclusive feature. Almost all the Browser have Sync features these days.

This browser comes with plenty of good tools like Download video From a website, Ad-block Built-in, Screenshot tool etc.

Maxthon itself is a very fast browser and it has 2 rendering engines WebKit & trident and we can say that it is the best alternative browser for Mozilla Firefox.

Maxthon is based on an older version of chromium due to stability and compatibility factor. This doesn’t mean that it is an outdated browser, their developers regularly update it.

10. UC browser

Our last of Option in the list of best browser for pc is UC Browser, and if you are from India then you can skip this Option But if you are not then you are good to go.

UC browser already counted as best browser for Mobile But lot of you guys doesn’t know it is also available foe windows.

This browser has the nearly same look as Microsoft Edge and It is one of the fast Browser too but there are a lot of security concerns with UC browsers.

UC Browser is a Chinese browser and a lot of company said that it isn’t a safe browser for use that’s why recently India bans It.

But Still a lot of people love this browser for Downloading stuff and Media. However, this one lacks extension and this might be a deal-breaker for some of the users.

However, If you Ok with the fact that it gives you good speed in a compromise of privacy then you are good to go otherwise, we have discussed many options too.

Conclusion: Best Browser for Windows

If you asked this question about a year ago then I would definitely prefer you Firefox or chrome but Now Microsoft changed the game with its new Edge.

Microsoft really wants Edge to become the default browser choice for windows. But the History of Microsoft in the browsing industry was too bad.

Internet Explorer wasn’t the great browser overall and to overcome its cons, Microsoft launches the Edge but this browser lacks some features too.

Now Microsoft Comes with the complete new version of edge. Now it has Chromium at its core, which means a lot, now it supports a wide range of extensions and the privacy, speed is improved too in this browser.

If you Compare The New Microsoft edge With Chrome then also new edge has the advantage of some new Features that Chrome lacks.

New edge has a better Privacy Features than chrome and In new version you can covert and download the website as apps.

Also if you have a a low-end windows pc then i strongly recommend you to use Microsoft edge.

Google Chrome is a good browser but it takes a lot of RAM while Edges perform well on Lower RAM PC.

Also if you only want to Choose From popular ones then Edge, Firefox and chrome are the good Options. But if you want to try something new then Opera, Brave and Torr browser is the good option too.

However if you are looking for a completely customizable browser then Vivaldi is the right options for you and if speed maters a lot the brave is the good Options for You.

Mozilla Firefox is the Good one too. If you use Linux, iOS or macOS then the Mozilla Firefox is a Great option for You.

which one is the best Browser for windows in 2020?

Microsoft Edge

Which is the best alternative of google chrome for all the platform?

Mozilla Firefox

is UC browser for PC is safe?

No, it doesn’t. UC browser have a lot of security issue and i usually didn’t recommend that.

Which is the safest Browser for PC?

Mozilla Firefox

which is fastest browser for pc?

Brave Browser

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